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Posture image before and after rehab.

Fix Your Posture 

Whether you simply want to chat with Paula,  submit some photos, get a second opinion of your x-rays or have a tailored exercise program designed specially for youthe Posture Doctor aims to help you improve your posture, regain spinal flexibility and reduce pain, so you can feel attractive and confident in your body!

“I’ve been helping people correct their posture for over 15 years, and the reason I’ve helped so many people successfully, is because I use a structural mathematical approach to solving posture problems.”

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Speaker Programs

Speaking programs for Dr Paula Moore

Meeting Planners

Topics: Posture/Women’s Health/Active Sitting/Confidence/Productivity

Format: Interactive Talks That Move You!

Recommended For: Women’s Conferences, Corporate, Associations, Women’s Groups, Women in Business.

Audiences: Talks are designed to appeal to professional men and women’ often in leadership roles, and over 40.

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The Posture Doctor Book

Dr Paula Moore Presents

Our Customers

I asked Paula to lead the opening session of a two week workshop with some senior executives. It was a big ask to get the program underway and to enliven a group within hours of them stepping off long-haul flights. Any nerves I might have had were dispelled – Paula had the group laughing, co-operating and shedding their inhibitions within minutes. Her mastery of the subject is impressive – why wouldn’t you listen to what she has to say?
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Posturecise (Online Course) - How to Create a Healthy Posturecise Habit for Life

I’ve been looking for an easy to learn system for improving posture for a long time. And now I have found it.
David Ed Wilkes
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