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Dr Paula Moore’s Background

With more than a decade of clinical experience in Chiropractic, Paula Moore (aka, the Posture Doctor) is a self confessed posture addict. She is internationally trained, holds three degrees and a fellowship in the physics of posture correction.

In 2011 Paula left a successful private practice and took her posture expertise online in the form of a video blog and with over 7 million views, she is fast becoming the next big thing in online digital healthcare. Paula has received international attention with interviews by BBC’s Woman’s Hour and GMTV and is the 2012 winner of the Business Profile of the Year – London, UK.

“I grew frustrated by the quick fix approach to health I found in my own private practice. I realized I could help more people, more effectively, online. So I left a successful private practice and took my posture tips online in the form of video. I now create tailored exercise programs that help people address the underlying cause of their problems. I feel like I’ve handed back control and that feels right to me.”

Paula divides her time between speaking professionally, running an online posture school and helping successful business owners create purpose-driven video marketing campaigns that capture leads, build a list and drive sales. Paula’s Talks That Move You are entertaining and extremely popular.


Some Of My Highlights

  • BA Mathematics (University of Western Ontario)
  • BSc Human Sciences AECC (UK)
  • MChiro AECC (UK)
  • Fellowship in the Biophysics of Posture
2013 Area Finalist – Business Innovation of the Year (Sussex, UK)
2012 Key Person of Influence – Business Profile of the Year (London, UK)
2012 Runner Up – Pitch Fest (London, UK)
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