Best Alkaline Breakfast – 10 Minute Healthy Bone Recipe

Do you have strong bones or is your acidic diet wearing them out? Some health conscious individuals are surprised to learn that the foods they eat regularly (wheat, cheese, caffeine) may be weakening their bones. Our blood is slightly alkaline (the opposite pH to acid) and that is where our body prefers to be. Acid [...]

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How Long Will It Take? Improve Posture | Posture Doctor

How long is it going to take to correct my posture? Please don't ask me a question I can not answer. What foods do we eat? How many hours do we sit at our desks? Have we crashed our cars or broken our legs? Do we live on caffeine and sugar? Do we medicate or [...]

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Fix Your Posture | What The Chinese Bamboo Tree Teaches Us

Last week I spent several days gardening at our family cottage – well, more like slaving actually. I was removing some aggressive perennials that had been planted over 20 years ago. As one - who is obsessed with posture - does … I began to pontificate about ROOTS, and how roots, relate to posture. Let [...]

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What Do You Feel Most Guilty About? | Posture Doctor

This morning I woke up crying – I dreamt that I regretted missing out on having children. I think my dream was triggered by post– weekend family guilt. I looked up the word guilt in the dictionary of Etymology (which I love). Guilt, comes from the Old English gylt meaning 'moral defect' … ouch. That [...]

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How To Lift With Your Hips, Not Your Back | Posture Doctor

I'm moving house again – that makes house move number 20! If you are moving house and you flex your back when you lift boxes – like most people do - you could be in for some serious trouble! Let me set the record straight – Proper lifting is NOT about bending your knees! Let me explain. [...]

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2 Key Reasons People Give Up and How Not To : Lessons From a Rescue Dog

Sunday morning I drove to Markham, Ontario to pick up Milo – a 3 year old Maltipoo that I've adopted. I don't know why, but in my head this was going to be easy. Reality check – Not! Day one – Milo cried the whole way home in the car, pooped on his own leg, [...]

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Excruciating Back Pain – Lessons From a Chiropractor with Acute Back Pain

I bent forward to open the metal mailbox and B-A-M, my back went. 'Shit!' – my first thought. 'Not again', my second. Yes, even chiropractors get back pain. If anyone knows more about back pain than a chiropractor, I've yet to meet them – it's our bread and butter, so to speak. This is my [...]

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Dignity Counts – Life lessons from my Grandfather | Posture Doctor

Yesterday I was listening to a CBC interview of retired Supreme Court of Ontario judge, Patrick LeSage, the judge who presided over the Paul Bernardo trial in Canada. I was interested because my own grandfather - a very important part of my early life - was also a Supreme Court of Ontario judge from 1966-1979. [...]

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What Would You Do If You Had 6 Months To Live? | Dr Paula Moore

“Each morning when I open my eyes I say to myself: I, not events, have the power to make me happy or unhappy today. I can choose which it shall be. Yesterday is dead, tomorrow hasn't arrived yet. I have just one day, today, and I'm going to be happy in it.” Groucho Marx I say [...]

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Why Embracing Change Is Difficult | 3 Proven Stategies

Why is embracing change so difficult for some, while other people seem to utterly thrive when the world beneath them is dragged out, spun around and kissed goodbye?! Saturday night was a big night for me - I went out! To be clear, I go out quite often, but I no longer hit the clubs [...]

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