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Text Neck Epidemic – 5 Second Fix

What the heck is going on with our head and neck posture? What is text neck, do we have it and how can we fix it? Text neck is what happens to our posture when we put our head and neck in a forward position for a prolonged period of time. Our head is heavy, [...]

Understanding Your Headache – Women’s Health

A few weeks ago, I announced my plans to create my next course: How to Get Rid of Headache or Migraine - Sleep better, accomplish more, laugh again and feel joy  As some of you know, I suffered from daily chronic headaches in my early 20s, which lead me to qualify as a chiropractor and later [...]

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Can Scoliosis Be Improved? | Posture Doctor

There are two types of scoliosis: structural and non-structural. Non-structural scoliosis involves a curve in the spine that reverses or improves when you bend toward the side of the curve. These non-structural curves can improve with scoliosis exercises and treatment. Unfortunately there are not many practitioners qualified or even aware that such treatments and structural exercise programs exist, [...]

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Scoliosis In Adults – Will It Get Worse? | Posture Doctor

The most progressive time for a scoliosis is during the adolescent growth spurt between ages 12-16. Progression can be a great as 1 degree per month and curves greater than 20% are three times more likely to progress! Further progression of the curve is unlikely once spinal growth has stopped (age 25); so that's good [...]

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Scoliosis – Why Do I Have Pain and Will it Get Worse? | Posture Doctor

Why do I have scoliosis pain and is it going to get worse? I wish there was a simple straight forward response to that question. In reality, there isn't. Oh yes, I do have a very strong opinion about what causes scoliotic pain but there are many who would debunk what I am going to [...]

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Scoliosis | Your FAQ

So far you've been amazing at helping me forge ahead with the planning of my next online scoliosis course. Thank you! A series of FAQ is beginning to emerge, and it is clear you want to understand: 1. What causes scoliosis? 2. Can scoliosis be repaired? Cured? Fixed? Corrected? Improved? 3. How to reduce pain [...]

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Scoliosis – 5 Visible Signs You Have It | Posture Doctor

Scoliosis is a curvature of the spine that causes both the spine and ribcage to rotate. As a result of this, the shoulders, trunk and hips are often asymmetrical. This can lead to muscular and/or joint pain, loss of confidence and early arthritis (aka 'wear and tear'). Scoliosis comes from the Greek word skolios, meaning [...]

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Fix Your Posture | What The Chinese Bamboo Tree Teaches Us

Last week I spent several days gardening at our family cottage – well, more like slaving actually. I was removing some aggressive perennials that had been planted over 20 years ago. As one - who is obsessed with posture - does … I began to pontificate about ROOTS, and how roots, relate to posture. Let [...]

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Is Fatty Neck Hump Reversible?

There are so many factors that go into answering this question honestly. I want to be realistic and at the same time hopeful. Whether neck hump is reversible, is dependent on many factors. I dislike the word 'cure' very much. You will never hear me use it. A cure is absolute and nothing in medicine [...]

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