Are You Suffering From Text Neck? | Posture Doctor

"Six of the world’s seven billion people have mobile phones... but only 4.5 billion have a toilet." (UN Report) So almost 90% of the entire world population have mobile phones and even more shocking: O2 mobile phone provider conducted a study on mobile phone use and found the average smartphone user spends two hours a day (119 [...]

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Standing At Work – Fit Or Fad | Posture Doctor

“Sitting is the new smoking.” I wish I had said that, but the credit goes to Martha Grogan, a cardiologist at the renowned Mayo Clinic. What Grogan meant, is that prolonged sitters (11+ total hours a day) have just about the same risk of cardio-vascular disease (leading cause of death) as do smokers. Yikes! The press [...]

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