Travel Exercise – What to Pack for Your Travel Fit Kit

Living out of a suitcase makes staying fit and healthy a real challenge. Sitting confined for hours, waiting in stuffy airports, cramped spaces, hauling luggage, stiffness, back pain, times zones, jet lag, lost sleep, lumpy mattresses, swollen ankles, rich food, dehydration and constipation are the journey's reward. Oh the joys of long-haul travel. Before we [...]

Text Neck Epidemic – 5 Second Fix

What the heck is going on with our head and neck posture? What is text neck, do we have it and how can we fix it? Text neck is what happens to our posture when we put our head and neck in a forward position for a prolonged period of time. Our head is heavy, [...]

The Best Office Chair | Posture Doctor

If I had a dollar for every time I'd been asked to recommend an office chair, I'd buy a dozen Leap chairs from Steelcase! Founded in 1912 as the Metal Office Furniture Company in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Steelcase is over 100 years old. Their first product in 1914 was a fireproof waste basket and with [...]

3 Instant Workouts to Improve Your Office Health

What one task could you do today that would have the greatest impact? I ask myself this question often, when I'm feeling stuck in overwhelm. What one task could I do today for my website to make the biggest impact? What one healthly meal could I make today that would have the greatest impact all [...]

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Estate Planning Or Planning Your State?

Last night I was at a BMO event called Creating Goodwill, and the keynote speaker was my good friend Dr Amy - Her gerontological (aging) social work background was used to give practical advice about estate management. Don't yawn ... Creating Good Will is designed to get you thinking and talking about the personal side [...]

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How To Stop Feeling Old In My 40s | Posture Doctor

I'm going to tell you something that may utterly shock you. Seriously, I'm coming out and I'm just going to say it. Ready? Here I go – I'm 47! I know, you thought I was 37 (humour me!). How old do you feel? Are you full of vitality and vigour or do you live for [...]

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Visual Ergonomics – Posturecise For The Eyes | Posture Doctor

Do you experience, itchy dry eyes, headaches and/or blurred vision while at work? You may be suffering from eye strain or Computer Vision Syndrome. Recently (ok almost 2 years ago) I was watching a foreign film at my favorite Picture House in the UK. It occurred to me that the film I was watching was [...]

Workplace Wellness Is Not An Initiative – But A Way Of Life | Posture Doctor

Is 'corporate wellness' just a buzz word? With nearly half of our waking hours spent at work, together with America’s world ranking as fattest nation, corporate wellness is not some short-lived HR initiative – it's a successful business way of life. Healthy employees are happy employees who are more productive at work, resulting in lower [...]

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