Do You Have A Posture Headache?

I love this time of year – the colour of the leaves, the smell in the air, the crisp mornings. Mmm, it makes me want to curl up under a warm blanket, and sip a full bodied red in front of the fire. BUT, there is more work to be done!

When the head moves forward (forward head posture) our center of gravity moves forward causing an increase in the muscle effort in the back of the neck and upper back.

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For every inch your head moves forward, the head ‘gains’ 10 pounds in weight, in terms of the muscle effort required from your upper back and neck to keep the head from dropping onto your chest. This forces the muscles to remain in constant contraction, putting pressure on the nerves up under the skull bone (where it meets the neck). This can cause headaches at the base of the skull and may also refer pain to the head.

Referred head pain.

Considering the head gains 10 pounds in weight for every inch of forward head posture, it is hardly surprising that your neck and shoulders ache considering you are carrying a watermelon around on top of your shoulders, now is it?

I’d love your comments on this. Do you think you have a posture headache?

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