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Your Tailored Program

Your personally tailored posture correction program helps you get attractive posture by correcting postural distortions, building core strength, regaining spinal flexibility, reconditioning weak muscles, stretching chronically tight muscles, and ultimately helps to relieve your pain and rebuild confidence.


Want A Custom-Fit Exercise Program?


  • pdf instructions
  • Submit 4 photos
  • Posture diagnosis
  • 5-video exercise program

Stephen Bloch

The pain has been almost debilitating. After just a few days of following your exercises, I can move and walk without grimacing.


  • Video & pdf instructions
  • Skype consultation
  • Submit 4 photos
  • Posture diagnosis
  • 7-video exercise program

Jane Seitz

Finally someone who can tell me this is a problem… This felt so good. My regular doctor said not much can be done for my neck lump and the severe pain I have in my back. I have been practising doing the neck exercises daily. I really see an improvement in pain and the lump. Again, I thank you for helping people with information on an issue that does not seem to be widely discussed.

Support Plus

  • Video & pdf instructions
  • Skype consultation
  • Submit 4 photos
  • Posture diagnosis
  • 10-video exercise program
  • Free online Posturecise course ($127 value)

Mike Harris

I’ve been doing the exercises 2-3 times a week. I’ve noticed 3 things: A problem with my left shoulder cleared up completely; generally feeling more relaxed and “looser”; even though I now know the exercises well and can do them without instruction, the experience somehow is better when I’m playing the video.

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