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Posture Expertise

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Dr Paula Moore speaking live.

Dr Paula Moore is a popular speaker – Whether you’re looking for wellness inspiration for your organisation, wanting to motivate your group or need a Keynote speaker, Dr. Paula Moore presents Talks That Move You.  If you want to enliven your workplace, add some vigor to your next event, group or cause, you need Paula.

Paula’s talks are informative, entertaining, engaging and mobile and will leave your attendees standing tall, feeling confident and wanting more! Interested in getting Dr Paula on board for your next event? Need to know her available media dates? Send an email and let’s get moving!

Ideal postural alignment

People with bad posture worry about looking unattractive. They want to be active but it hurts when they try. They often develop early arthritis and premature ageing. I’ve been helping people correct their posture for over 15 years, and the reason I’ve helped so many people successfully, is because I use a structural mathematical approach to solving posture problems.

Whether you simply want to chat with Paula,  submit some photos or get a second opinion of your x-rays, the Posture Doctor aims to help you improve your posture, regain spinal flexibility and reduce pain, so you can feel attractive and confident in your body!

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My online courses focus on improving posture. My latest course is Posturecise – How to Create a Healthy Posture Habit for Life and over 950 pupils have already joined the course. Posturecise is the result of nearly 20 years of personal and clinical experience correcting my own posture and helping other people regain their posture confidence!

While most exercise programs are rigorous, this course is so humane and realistic that many of the 21 Posturecise movements can be done while watching TV, sitting at your office desk or even in your car, waiting for the light to change!

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Posturecise (Online Course) - How To Create A Healthy Posture Habit For Life

I’ve been looking for an easy to learn system for improving posture for a long time. And now I have found it.” David Ed Wilkes
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