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Coaching (with Dr Paula Moore)

Has slouching crushed your confidence? Embarrassed by your rounding appearance and want help? Imagine ending the cycle of pain and mastering upright, attractive posture, boosting your success and regaining lost confidence and happiness. Why not start right now and work 1-2-1 with the Posture Doctor.

The pain has been almost debilitating. After just a few days of following your exercises, I can move and walk without grimacing.” Stephen Bloch

Greatest improvements are more flexibility in my back and neck (able to turn round more) – lower back pain improvement by on average 80% plus – my increased willingness to hold better posture and the ease with which I can hold my posture is greater than at any time I have done it before.” Ashley Burt

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Dr. Paula explains things clearly and you get to see the exercises from different angles to understand them better. The combination of exercises she’s put together is easy to work into your everyday routine, yet can provide challenge to a variety of abilities depending on the reps and variations you choose. Definitely recommend!
June Peckingham

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