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Project Description

Put A Wiggle In Your Sit!

Sitting is the new aging disease. This lively interactive talk, will get your people moving! Watch how this group of busy HR professionals enjoy wiggling and giggling as they learn how to avoid the dangers associated with prolonged sitting.

We had the pleasure to enjoy a very special speaker who helped us Put a Wiggle in Our Sit. Dr Paula Moore presented to our large group of HR professionals from school boards across Canada. Our attendees thoroughly enjoyed Paula’s upbeat, active and inspiring talk on how to take on the daily challenge of ‘prolonged sitting’. She had us wiggling and jiggling in our seats, with her informed and active sitting demonstration. The laughter and discussions long after she left the stage, were enough to convince me we’d like the posture doctor to return to our conference next year.

Mark Laurie (President & Owner Passion Inc.)

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