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Paula went down a storm! She connected well with the audience at an emotional level and made a lasting impression. If you are someone who wishes to look at how improving your posture may help you attain personal or business goals, then sharing Paula’s experience and knowledge is a compelling place to start. It is rare in feedback for any speaker to get a perfect score from me but I gave Paula just that.
Mike Harris avatarMike Harris, Iconic Shift
Paula gave a very interesting, interactive and informative presentation on The Power of Posture. Attendees of this event were very interested in what Paula had to say especially since this topic was something new to most of us and many of us had never realised how this could give us more power in business. Members of the group appreciated the structure and content of the presentation because not only were they well informed they were also able to visualise themselves physically.
Thumbnail image for Sam PryceSamantha Pryce, Toronto Social Network
I asked Paula to lead the opening session of a two week workshop with some senior executives. It was a big ask to get the program underway and to enliven a group within hours of them stepping off long-haul flights. Any nerves I might have had were dispelled – Paula had the group laughing, co-operating and shedding their inhibitions within minutes. Her mastery of the subject is impressive – However, it is her energy and conviction that is so compelling – I found Paula a joy to work with.
Paula speaks from her heart, she combines knowledge with a real sense of fun. Paula’s chosen topic ‘Secrets of Success’ has a little something for everyone no matter what stage of business development. I would recommend Paula as a speaker to anyone who is looking for ways to reach more people in their businesses. She has a package of information that is accessible to even the newest entrepreneur.
Dr. Paula Moore visited my workplace, BaAM Productions in Toronto, to take us through her Lunch-and-Learn Posturecise course. She quickly assessed the difficulties we face in our office regarding posture and ergonomics, both individually and as a group, and recommended simple and easy ways for us to improve. Most importantly, having all attended Dr. Moore’s seminar, my coworkers and I are able to reinforce each other’s’ good posture habits in the office.
BaAm ProductionsKevin Franks, BaAm Productions
Paula was the hit of our PMP evening and lit up the crowd with her talk and best of all – lively demonstration. People were excited about learning about the various posture issues and how to resolve them. Our best evening by far so thanks for that Paula!
Image of Tim RudkinsTim Rudkins, Rudkins
We had the pleasure to enjoy a very special speaker who helped us Put a Wiggle in Our Sit. Dr Paula Moore presented to our large group of HR professionals from school boards across Canada. Our attendees thoroughly enjoyed Paula’s upbeat, active and inspiring talk on how to take on the daily challenge of ‘prolonged sitting’. She had us wiggling and jiggling in our seats, with her informed and active sitting demonstration. The laughter and discussions long after she left the stage, were enough to convince me we’d like the posture doctor to return to our conference next year.
President of Passion Inc. Mark LaurieMark Laurie , Passion Inc.